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Posted on February 12, 2014 in Fashion, Lifestyle, Video by

Styled By Nelia: Putting Fit in Fitness

Did you know that by January 17th most people that made resolutions on January 1st will have dropped theirs? 17 days is all it takes to lose all resolve and get back to bad habits. Last month, I hit up Yorkdale in search of people who made New Year’s resolutions, hoping to help at least one shopper stick to her resolution for a little while longer.

When I met Faiza, she shared that she made a couple of resolutions this year, including going to the gym more often, and traveling more. And while I couldn’t help her get another stamp in her passport, the “going to the gym” resolution seemed like one I could tackle. 

Knowing how motivating a new set of gym clothes can be, I took Faiza to Gap Yorkdale, where she got to try on a variety of cool workout looks from the brand’s new and improved Gap Fit line.

After trying on a variety of comfortable and stylish workout clothes, Faiza was excited and ready to hit the gym again. All it took was a few stylish pairs of pants, some cool-looking sweatshirts, and a few minutes in the fitting room. Mission accomplished!


Some things to consider when shopping for workout gear:


Fit Matters 

When it comes to your workout gear, fit really matters. Your pants should feel tight, but not constricting. Gap Fit’s compression feature smoothes and supports even during the most grueling workouts. The four-way stretch enhances comfort and range of motion, making your workout a breez, while flatlock seams reduce chafing and increase comfort.


Wick It 

When shopping for workout clothes it’s best to avoid natural fabrics like cotton. This was a surprise for me, because all my life I’ve been told to wear cotton and natural fabrics to the gym, for most “breathability”, but sadly this is not the best advice, because natural fabrics retain moisture, will get heavy, and can lead to nasty rashes and irritations. Choosing fabrics that wick away sweat and moisture is the best way to avoid those not-so-fun surprises, and to keep you dry and comfortable at the gym.


Now tell me, are you sticking to your resolutions, or have they been forgotten already? Share in the comments!

Images & Video: Max Kopanygin


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