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🌍 Retail and Fashion Take Action 🌍

🌍 Retail and Fashion Take Action 🌍


We take environmental initiatives seriously and we know that many of you do too, so we’ve rounded up all sustainable brands and green initiatives that are available here at Yorkdale below – take a look!

Uses eco-friendly materials and reuses offcuts created during the manufacturing process. They also provide a RefScale for each of their garments –  breaking down the item’s impact on the environment for you. They use recycled paper hangers and minimise the use of packaging with 100% consumer waste materials.

Trade in your eligible device for an Apple Store Gift Card. If it’s not eligible for credit, they’ll recycle it for free. No matter the model or condition, they can turn it into something good for you and good for the planet.

EB Games
Pick up a recycled game or trade in your used games, accessories, and consoles for an in-store credit or prepaid Visa or Mastercard.

When you drop off your unwanted textiles (clothing, linens, towels, etc) in a H&M store, you’ll get rewarded with a voucher for your next purchase. Just ask for the garment collecting box, usually located by the cash.

The Levi’s Store
Bring in your old denim and receive a 20% coupon towards one item that same day.

Help Starbucks reduce the number of cups by bringing in your own tumbler and receive 10 cents off.

Tim Hortons
Get a 10 cent discount when you bring in a TimMug or any travel mug.

Nespresso capsules are made of aluminum, an infinitely recyclable material. Collect your capsules in their reusable bag, seal it and drop it off in store.

Bring back 5 empty, clean black LUSH pots to the store for recycling and receive a Fresh Face Mask, free!

Recycle and be Rewarded Program. Bring back 5 of  your empty bottles and get $16 off your next purchase.

100% recycled packaging on all of their products.

L’Occitane has partnered with TerraCycle to make it easy for you to recycle your used beauty and skin care packaging. Bring back your empty products for 10% off your same-day purchase.

The Sustainable Lego blocks is a collection of botanical elements such as trees, leaves, and bushes made from plant-based plastic sourced from sugarcane. By 2030, Lego intends to manufacture most of its products and packaging using environmentally friendly materials or recycled sources.

Will mail any old Bose products to their head office for disposal.

David’s Tea
Bring your own mug and get 10% off your drink, 50 cents if you bring your own tin.

The brand has initiated a number of campaigns like the Play Green Campaign, Recycling Used Bottles Campaign, and Eco Handkerchief Campaign.

For every shopping bag sold, a donation will be made towards One Tree Planted.

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