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10 Easy Steps to Glowing Skin

10 Easy Steps to Glowing Skin


K-beauty, also known as Korean beauty, is the latest beauty trend that everyone is talking about. Influencers rave about it, we constantly see new products in places like Sephora, and now more than ever, new stores like The Face Shop, are opening that specialize in K-beauty.

If you’re like us, you are probably wondering what makes K-beauty so different and unique than our standard North American brands.

One word: Hydration.

K-beauty focuses  on hydration, as this is the basis of great  skin. Hydration prevents fine lines, increases product efficacy, reduces pigmentation and gives the skin that  natural glow everybody wants. In K-Beauty, it’s not about concealing or contouring, it’s about helping  your skin and enhancing your natural beauty – and we have just the skin ritual for you!

Get that glow you’ve dreamed of in 10 easy steps (Thank you The Face Shop!)


STEP 1: Lip and Eye remover – this area is super delicate, so we recommend removing all eye make-up first, prior to your entire face. Lip and eye remover specifically targets stubborn eyeliner and mascara removing it a lot better than your average cleanser. Remember that these areas show signs of aging the earliest, so we don’t want to pull or drag the skin.

STEP 2: OIL CLEANSER – don’t run away even if your skin is oily! Trust us, oil cleansers remove every trace of remaining makeup and you can find  yourself one that suits your skin type.

STEP 3: FOAM CLEANSER –  This is the step  that makes your skin feel squeaky clean. This will remove any oil residue remaining from the oil cleanser.

Oil cleansers will eliminate oils on your skin. Foam cleansers will only remove dust particles and other traces of dirt. So  yes, you really should stick to Step 2 and 3.

STEP 4: EXFOLIATION: K-beauty is all about being gentle with your skin. Over-exfoliating causes irritation and dryness, lack of exfoliation causes excess dead skin build-up. So thanks to K-Beauty, they invented the perfect balancing product – gommage peeling gel.

Pat your face dry and lightly rub this all over your face to remove excess dead ski. This will leave your skin feeling baby-smooth, and you will find that regularly using this, will improve marks or pigmentation.


STEP 5: SHEET MASK – In K-beauty, there is no such thing as doing too many masks, you can even do it twice a day if you wanted. The more you devote your time to this, the more your skin will glow!  If you have oily skin, don’t worry – there are so many sheets suitable for you too and will help your skin break out less.


STEP 6: TONER: Korean skincare is known for its more viscous toners. This is because instead of using it to cleanse the skin (did we not cleanse enough already?), it helps balance your skin pH (i.e. how oily or dry you feel), and it adds an extra layer of quick absorbing moisture to your skin.

STEP 7: SERUM- these little bottles of product work wonders on the skin! Their molecules are so small that they are the only product in the regimen that penetrates deep under your top skin layer. They are great for pigmentation and will deliver all the nutrients straight into your skin.

STEP 8: EMULSION – This is a light weight moisturizer that help seal your serum and preps your skin for the eye cream and moisturizer.

STEP 9: EYE CREAM- As we mentioned earlier, your eye area is the first to see signs of aging and eye creams will assist in the prevention of this. All you have to do is apply just a tiny bit of eye cream in the corners of your eyes, around your eyebrow bone and under eyes.

TIP: A good eye cream will help your concealer stay on the entire day as well

STEP 10: CREAM – Finish off your routine with the moisturizer. This always has to be the last step of your routine because it has the ability to lock all products into your skin and it prevents free radicals from entering.

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