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6 Reasons to Justify your Chanel Purchase

6 Reasons to Justify your Chanel Purchase


The struggle is real. Bills, brunches, budgets… but you NEED (ok, want) that perfect Chanel bag – you’ve had your eyes on it all season! That extra expense can cause you so much worry, all those thoughts of “should I?” are totally normal. Trust us when we say, once you hold that Chanel purse in your hands, all worry will be erased.

So you’re probably looking for a little justification, aren’t you? Well we have your back. Here are a few reasons why you need a little Chanel in your life: 

1.You’ll be part of an exclusive cool club

Rihanna and Alexa Chung carry Chanel like it’s their job… so basically, you need one too!


2. Ignore the haters

Let’s get one thing straight… it’s not “just a purse” so we suggest not accepting that as a valid reason to not get your dream bag.


3. It’s an instant conversation starter

Come on, how can someone not want to talk about Chanel’s perfection as a fashion brand?! Get ready for all the compliments and questions!

4. You will pass it on to your kids (or your favourite niece/nephew)

You will be the greatest mom/aunt ever for passing on that vintage Chanel. That is, if you ever want to give it up!


5. No one has ever said “I wish I didn’t buy that Chanel”

With that being said, you should buy it.

6. Chanel never goes out of style

No matter how many years have gone by, we promise, your Chanel bag will always be your go-to. A total classic.



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