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Beauty Do's + Don'ts

Beauty Do's + Don'ts


The dress, the hair, the shoes..  the list goes on and on! There are so many exciting decisions to make when it comes to perfecting your Prom look so let us help you to get things going in the right direction with our list of top tips for makeup and your pre-prom beauty regime.

Do pick eyes or lips – Accent your favourite feature and keep the rest simple and stunning. If you’re opting for a bright and bold lip be sure to stop by MAC Cosmetics to check out their new spring line which is chalk full of peachy goodness and rosy hues. For those gals who are going for the smokey eye or perhaps a cat eye, pair the dramatic look with a neutral lip like we’ve seen on celebs such as Sarah Hyland and Kayley Cuoco.

Don’t hit the tanning beds – Nothing says “Prom Ready” like a natural summer kissed glow. But, tanning beds cause more harm than good! This year opt for something a little less damaging and check out Sephora for all the faux bronzing products you can handle. Keep the colour close to your natural skin tone and highlight key parts of your body (shoulders, cheekbones, and neckline) for the best effect.

Do practice a couple times before – Lets keep the surprises to a minimum on prom night. Get your girlfriends together and practice doing each others make up until you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Don’t reinvent the wheel – Remember, this evening is about celebrating all your hard work with your friends. Comfort is key, play off your natural beauty and everyday make up regime.

Do get your beauty treatments done a day or two in advance – Manis, pedis, eyebrow waxing; all of these pampering treatments should be done a few days before Prom to avoid any scheduling conflicts or mishaps day of.

Don’t over do the glitter – We’re all for embracing the sparkle, but remember – body glitter is out. These days it’s all about shimmer, sheen and a natural glow.

Do eat right to reduce bloating – Throughout all the upcoming prom excitement remember to stay hydrated with lots of water and avoid super salty or deep fried foods. It’s always important to maintain a healthy diet but to ensure bloating is at a minimum for Prom Night keep a close eye on what ingredients you are putting in your body.

Do pack a touch up kit – Take the essentials with you; lip gloss, powders/blotting papers to reduce shine, and gum. Coordinate with your friends if you can – each of you can take one item in your clutch so that the whole team is locked, loaded and ready to rock!



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