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Bvlgari Natura Collection

Bvlgari Natura Collection


Italian elegance at its finest. 131 years of sought after craftsmanship combines with unique style and authenticity to bring a Mediterranean palace of fine jewels to the halls of Yorkdale Shopping Centre. Bvlgari’s boutique recently made a mark here at Yorkdale with its grand opening, and since then the iconic jeweler has been stunning shoppers with its collection of irresistible fine jewels. The allure and undeniable captivating nature of the Bvlgari brand is perhaps best defined by its exquisite and rich heritage, which will take centre stage from May 7th – 22nd inside the Bvlgari Yorkdale Shopping Centre Boutique. The master Italian jeweler is pleased to be displaying its Natura Collection in store. Natura – Italian for nature is a dazzling collection of 33 notable pieces of jewellery from Bvlgari’s Heritage Collection. The companies’ headquarters may be situated in la bella Italia, but you won’t have to pack a luggage for this tour of bellissimi gioielli (beautiful jewellery). Featured in the display will be historic masterpeices from the company museum headquarters in Roma, now that’s amore! A true privilege and every jewellery lovers dream come true; this exclusive Bvlgari jewellery retrospective includes breathtaking necklaces, watches, bracelets, earrings, rings, and brooches from the Natura Collection.

Feast your eyes on rubies, sapphires, and emeralds too! And that’s not all – A rainbow of colour indeed, The Natura Collection will highlight light blues, oranges and violets, picking up on the colours that define and waltz right into our wardrobes and accessory pieces during the spring season. When the weather starts to warm up and all of nature blossoms with renewal. The serpent – or sepente as they say in Italiano is a symbol which dates back to ancient Greek and Roman mythology. A representation of wisdom, vitality, and the circle of life in Roman history, it is most noted as an emblem of strength. Featured in the collection, among with other jewels, are gorgeous snake pieces embellished with rubies and emeralds and it’s these very unique and truly breathtaking works that pick up on the Mediterranean heritage of Bvlgari.

From May 7th to 22nd Bvlgari at Yorkdale Shopping Centre invites you to explore an array of historic and timeless pieces created by the iconic Italian jeweler. Prepare to be amazed and quite literally left in awe as you admire some of the most beautiful pieces created by Bvlgari.

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