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Beautyco. by Shari Gold is Back!

Beautyco. by Shari Gold is Back!


Beautyco. by Shari Gold is thrilled to be returning to Yorkdale Shopping Centre beginning April 1st, 2019, following its three month residency inside CONCEPT last spring and its pop-up through Summer 2018.

About Beautyco. by Shari Gold 

Beautyco. stands for “beauty collaboration”. What started as a brand focused on lashes and permanent makeup has now grown into a vast network of top beauty professionals, each experts in their chosen facet of the industry. Led by Shari Gold, Beautyco. is on top of the latest trends without sacrificing the highest levels of safety, sanitation and quality. Education and community are two of Beautyco.’s core values and it is proud to be a training centre for passionate artists at all stages of their careers. 

 “We strive every day to empower, inspire and build confidence.” 
Shari Gold,  Beautyco. Founder

Beautyco. X Chronic Ink 

Beautyco. is excited to announce that it will be joining forces with Chronic Ink for this incredible pop-up at Yorkdale Shopping Centre. This collaboration stems from each brand’s shared passion for art and beauty, united as one in the work they do. Chronic Ink is Canada’s largest and most decorated tattoo house. With three permanent locations in the GTA, Chronic Ink will bring their world class tattoos to Yorkdale Shopping Centre.

Chronic Ink will be tattooing on-site and will be accepting limited walk-in appointments. Want to secure an appointment? (That’s always better 😉 ) Visit Chronic Ink’s online custom tattoo store store.chronicinktattoo.com to claim available tattoo designs. Make sure to check out Chronic Ink on Instagram over the coming days – Chronic Ink will be dropping new designs specifically for this collaboration with Beautyco!

Beautyco. Services 

Lash Lift
: the of-the-moment lash service that everyone is talking about. A lash lift will transform your natural lashes, leaving them perfectly curled and styled.
Add Tint: your natural lashes are darkened, adding extra shine, depth and drama to perfectly frame your eyes.
Enjoy savings when you grab your bestie for a Lash Lift for Two*.
*details available at beautyco.

Lash Extensions: synthetic lash extensions are safely applied to your natural lashes, enhancing the appearance of lash length, shape and volume. Beautyco. is an exclusive Borboleta brand partner.

  • Classic Set
  • Pixie Flick Set
  • Volume Set
  • Hybrid Set
  • MEGA Volume Set

: Injectable filler targets facial areas prone to wrinkles, fine lines and lost elasticity, aiming to smooth skin, increase firmness and plump up features.  Filler can also be used to shape and contour areas of the face, avoiding surgical procedures. Beautyco. offers filler for cheekbone definition, chin contouring, jaw contouring, volume lips and under-eye/tear-trough brightening.

Neurotoxin (commonly referred to as Botox): Injectable toxin relaxes the muscle to relieve certain medical conditions as well as temporarily reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Achieve natural looking brows with microblading, which deposits pigment into the upper layer of the skin using a hand tool with an ultra-fine grouping of needles. Regardless of hair density, delicately drawn hair strokes add fullness and shape to brow.

Elleebana Brow Henna
: Derived from a henna plant or tree, this skin and hair stain adds natural looking colour to the brows. While enhancing brow colour and shape, Elleebana’s formula helps to strengthen hair and restore growth, plus it’s vegan and cruelty free.

Threading: A technique with origins in India and the Middle East, threading removes unwanted hair from a selected area of the face. Hair grows back at a slower pace, becomes lighter and finer with each procedure and ultimately leaves the skin clean and even. Threading has anti-aging properties as it does not pull the skin and is virtually painless.

  • Upper Lip
  • Chin
  • Brow Design
  • Full Face

Waxing: achieve the arch you’ve always wanted with classic brow waxing.

Kelly Baker Brow: Coveted arch artist to celebrities, Kelly Baker is a world renowned brow artist and her products are incredible. Beautyco. is thrilled to offer Kelly Baker Brow touch-ups on-site. Products are also available for purchase.

Pigment is deposited into the surface of the skin, cosmetically enhancing facial features and simplifying your makeup routine.

  • Lip Blush
  • Ombré Powder Brows
  • Classic Eyeliner
  • Eyeliner Lash Enhancement
  • Lower Eyeliner

Prep for a big event or a night out on the town with makeup application from Beautyco. Makeup artists are educators and collaborators in the beauty industry with a mastery of their technique. Beautyco. is passionate about education and equipping you with the best beauty knowledge and know-how. Book in a makeup lesson with one of of artists to recreate your favourite looks at home.

Beautyco. is thrilled to announce its featured guest makeup artist, Makeup by Liraz and her incredible team of professionals. One of her talented artists will always be at the store, ready to provide high level makeup services! To book in with Makeup by Liraz, visit beautyco. and check out her work on Instagram.

Get the best manicure of your life at Beautyco. Using high-quality products and incomparable techniques, your nails will last longer and look gorgeous.

  • Regular Manicure
  • Sculpted Gel Manicure
  • Extensions
  • Nail Art

Waxing appointments for anywhere body hair grows. Full menu available here.

With its home-base at Hillcrest Mall and most recent collaboration with Chronic Ink inside of Upper Canada Mall, Beautyco. is actively joining communities around the GTA to deliver exceptional beauty services.

Beautyco. can not wait to meet you at Yorkdale Shopping Centre when it launches on April 1st. Book online now.

Visit beautyco. for more information and join the community on Instagram and Facebook.

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