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Four New Home Products by Dyson

Four New Home Products by Dyson


Introducing Dyson’s latest machines: four new, must have products that will make a positive impact in your life at home. From precisely directed purified air, an improved cord-free vacuum, new technology that allows a light to track local daylight, to a new robot vacuum with added intelligence.

The four new products are:

  • Dyson Pure Cool Me TM personal purifying fan
  • Dyson 360 HeuristTM robot vacuum
  • Dyson LightcycleTM task light
  • Dyson V11TM cord-free vacuum

We’ve listed them all out below with a more in-depth explanation of each – take a look!

Dyson V11TM cord-free vacuum

Intelligently optimizes power and run time to deep clean anywhere, with twice the suction of any cord-free vacuum*. The stand out piece about the new vacuum is the LCD screen displays run time countdown to the second and machine performance in real time.

Other facts include:

  • High Torque cleaner head with Dynamic Load Sensor adapts suction depending on floor type.
  • Up to 60 minutes of fade-free floor cleaning with Dyson’s most powerful battery. Actual run time will vary based on power mode, floor type and/or attachments used.
  • 20% more suction power than the Dyson Cyclone V10™ vacuum.
  • Captures 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns expelling cleaner air.
  • Powered by the new Dyson digital motor V11.
*Tested at the cleaner head to ASTM F558, dust-loaded.

Dyson Pure Cool Me TM Personal Purifying Fan

Featuring a sealed HEPA filter and Dyson’s latest air projection technology, this compact machine is a perfect fit for your personal space — whether beside your bed, on your desk, or in a nursery. The new Dyson Core Flow technologyTM transforms the way purified air is delivered to you.

This air control mechanism creates a steady stream of purified air and allows you to direct the airflow precisely where you need it. Harnessing Dyson’s expertise in fluid dynamics, air filtration, light sensing, and acoustic performance, the Dyson Pure Cool MeTM personal purifying fan is engineered to support your well-being, delivering cleaner air and a more comfortable cooling experience.

Dyson LightcycleTM Task Light

The only light with Heat Pipe technology to protect light quality for 60 years and with intelligent local daylight tracking. In addition to this, the Dyson LightcycleTM task light provides even more benefits, see below:

  • Engineered to support your body clock with local daylight tracking that continually adjusts colour temperature and brightness in relation to your local daylight.
  • Designed to reduce eye strain with over 1,000 Lux brightness, glare protection and low optical flicker.
  • Maintains light quality for 60 years thanks to Heat Pipe technology.
  • Connected for personalization: intelligently adjusts for age task and daily routine, with the Dyson Link app.

Dyson 360 HeuristTM Robot Vacuum

The Dyson 360 HeuristTM learns and adapts to your home with the new intelligent Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) vision system which provides an accurate navigation. The Dyson 360 Heurist TM robot is engineered to clean in narrow gaps, fitting into tight spots with a diameter of just 23cm. The robot moves on tank tracks to help overcome obstacles, maintain straight-line cleaning, turn on the spot, and negotiates changes in floor surfaces. With a new LED light ring enables the robot to see where it’s going, even in low light and with a full width-brush bar, allowing it to cleans wherever it goes.

With three power modes, this enables you to change power levels depending on the chosen type of clean. Quiet mode is for a gentle cleans and a longer run time, High mode is for powerful cleaning, and Max mode is for more rigorous cleans.  A great functionality is that the Dyson 360 Heurist™ robot monitors its battery levels and returns to its dock to recharge when needed, then automatically continues any unfinished cleans.

One of our favourite things about Dyson technology is the Dyson Link app which allows you to connect to certain products, in this case, it would allow you to control the robot from anywhere! Other amazing updates to the Dyson 360 HeuristTM  include:

  • Bluetooth® wireless technology allows the robot to connect to the owner’s smartphone quickly and easily.
  • Wi-Fi capability enables the Dyson 360 Heurist™ robot to work when you’re not there. And it can receive over-the-air updates, so it’s always up to date.
  • One touch control with the simple, single-button control that has been designed to be intuitive. Icons show the status of the robot and communicate a variety of messages, including battery charge level, blockages and Wi-Fi status.

The best way to understand it is to experience it, and to celebrate their new products, Dyson Demo will be hosting an Engineering Event on March 21, 2019 from 5:30-6:30pm.

Dyson Demo Yorkdale Engineering Event

March 21, 5.30-6.30pm

Experience the latest Dyson technology with Senior Design Engineer, Josh Mutlow. Receive in-depth product demonstrations and have an opportunity to learn more about the engineering behind the innovation. Light refreshments will be provided.

Be the first to discover and shop Dyson’s latest home environment technology, exclusively at Dyson Demo. Now available in store.

Dyson Demo Information

Mon 11am - 7pm
Tue 11am - 7pm
Wed 11am - 7pm
Thur 11am - 7pm
Fri 11am - 7pm
Sat 11am - 7pm
Sun 11am - 7pm
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