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Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!


Earth Day takes place annually on April 22nd, with its mission: to diversify, educate and activate the environmental movement worldwide. 

While it is a major global effort, you can easily participate in Earth Day causes. Even small changes can help make a large impact. 

Here are some ways our retailers are supporting the environment year-round!


We’re proud to take part in a progressive initiative to create a more eco-conscious city by installing beehives on the rooftop of our shopping centre.

We worked with Alvéole, a social beekeeping company, to build two sustainable beehives on our mall rooftop to improve pollination in the North York area.

Since 2013, Alvéole has partnered with hundreds of companies and schools to start beekeeping projects, each hive creating more ecological awareness, allowing city dwellers to reconnect with nature and change their sense of responsibility towards the environment.

Bees play a prominent role in helping create raw material for the manufacturing of everyday goods. From candles, to cough drop lozenges, to the growth of fruits and vegetables, bees are an important factor in the production of many things.


Yorkdale Solar Panels

Our rooftop solar panel installation is one of the largest in the greater Toronto area, with more than 600 panels and 7 inverters spanning more than a kilometer. The panels produce approximately 234,140 kWh annually per hour, equivalent to the annual energy consumption of 40 residential homes. The energy produced by this installation helps supply the annual energy requirements an average-sized Yorkdale store. The installation has marked Oxford’s first large scale solar project and builds on a decade of leadership firsts for Oxford’s Sustainable Intelligence program.



New remedy kits at Saje are made of RPET (recycled polyethylene terephthalate) and each Pocket Farmacy is made from 1.2 water bottles. Bonus! $5 from the sale of each kit will support front line workers.


This year, Starbucks announced a renewed focus on sustainability. Starbucks wants to halve its carbon emissions, waste output and water impact in the next decade shifting from single-use to reusable packaging; investing in innovative agricultural, water conservation and reforestation practices; looking for ways to better manage waste (including food waste) in stores and in communities; and developing more eco-friendly operations, from stores to supply chain to manufacturing.

Learn more here.


The Body Shop is also participating in sustainability initiatives across their business. They have ensured that 100% of their natural ingredients are traceable and sustainably sourced, protecting 10,000 hectares of forest and other habitat. They also actively help enrich the biodiversity where they grow their ingredients by building Bio-Bridges, protecting and regenerating 75 million square metres of habitat helping communities to live more sustainably, ensuring that 70% of their product packaging does not contain fossil fuels, and power 100% of their stores with renewable or carbon-balanced energy, among others.

Learn more here.

There are actions we can take each day to go green and conserve energy. These are some initiatives you can do in your own home or office space: 

  • Turn off and unplug electronics when not in use
  • Turn off lights when you leave a room
  • Bring reusable bags when you shop
  • Read documents online instead of printing them
  • Change from paper billing to online billing

To learn more about Earth Day or for more ideas on how you can help, visit earthday.org.

Happy Earth Day!

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