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Holiday Planters with Frankie Flowers

Holiday Planters with Frankie Flowers


For the second year in a row, Frank Ferragine, has styled our shopping centre planter boxes – he has brought a taste of the outdoors inside for our shoppers to enjoy this holiday season.

This year’s plantings are a mixture of local greenhouse grown poinsettias with a collection of unique tropical trees from all over the world.  Featuring a collection of Pyramidal Hollies, Magnolia Cones and the tropical – Podorcarpus Maki Cones.

Frank’s design advice for anyone designing a planter or pot at home: Be sure to use a combination of thrillers for height and drama, fillers for fill and texture and spillers to drape.

Thrillers Include:

Pyramidal Hollies:

Holly is a religious symbol in many parts of the world. Ancient Romans associated it with their sun god, Saturn, whilst Celtic lore believe it represents the eighth month of the Tree Calendar.

Magnolia Cones:

In Victorian times, sending flowers was a discreet way of lovers sending messages to each other. Magnolias flowers symbolized dignity, nobility and purity.

Podorcarpus Maki Cones:

Podorcarpus Maki is a tropical evergreen commonly known as the “plum pine” or the “Buddhist pine”.

Fillers Include:

Spathiphyllum “Petite” aka Peace Lily

Cypress Blue “Ellwood Lawson”

Cypress Cones “Gold Crest”

Calocephalus “Silver Cushion Cone”

Aglaonema “Stirling”

Poinsettia “Mars” White

Poinsettia “Cortez Early” Red


Algerian Ivy Green

Algerian Ivy Variegated


Happy Holidays!

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