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Sales Associate, Full Time & Part Time


$15/hr with potential to earn much more!

Interested applicants are requested to apply online at www.sparepartslife.com/hiring

We are looking for a Sales Team Associate who will deliver an elevated shopping experience. The successful candidate will exceed our customers’ expectations, deliver sales, and earn their patronage in the process. As a successful member of our retail team, you will connect with our customers and turn shoppers into raving fans.


Upon completion of training and the probationary period (350 selling hours/roughly 10 weeks working FT), Spareparts will provide a base wage of $15/hr with the capacity to earn much more by reaching personal goals in a productivity based compensation package designed to recognize and reward performance. Currently our sales team associates are averaging between $20-$30/hr. Initial training will be compensated at minimum wage. Sales associates will be applicable to our full commission structure through the probationary period but in the event that they are unable to achieve the standard by which commission applies, minimum wage will be the fall back position. Again, and to further clarify; the fall back position will be adjusted to $15/hr upon completion of the probationary period.

Win Cash, Trips, and Product

In addition, you will be able to increase your compensation through various individual and team contests and incentives held throughout the year. You will have the ability to win additional cash, trips, and free product.

$300K Club

Unique to Spareparts is our $300K Club. All Partners that sell $300,000 or more during the Spareparts fiscal year are eligible to an additional $1000 bonus and participate in an annual incentive trip. Historically, this included snowboarding or white water rafting trips. Additionally, awards are given out to top performers in the form of, trips, cash, product, etc.

More than a Paycheque

You’ll have significant opportunity for growth, development, and upward mobility! It’s all up to you. If your stoke is contagious, we’ll harness your energy and together develop your skills so that you can be the best you can be! We provide a professional level selling course and ongoing training and support. You will learn valuable skills that will serve you well no matter what path you take in life. Whether in retail or another industry, the skills you develop at Spareparts will become your personal assets.

We’re Growing – Opportunities to Grow with Us

Spareparts provides you with the opportunity to grow personally and professionally. We sincerely want you to evolve and become more equitable in the marketplace. Your timing is great, Spareparts is growing! We’d love for you to grow with us, but regardless of whether it’s with us or elsewhere, we want you to leave better for having been a part of our family.

The “Super Letter of Reference”

We sincerely hope you find a career within Spareparts. However if you eventually do leave our family it will be with our blessing, appreciation, and ongoing support. Upon completion of 3000 sales hours (less than 2 years FT) you will be applicable to receive an individualized letter of reference that will recognize and celebrate your accomplishments.

The letter of reference will include, but not be limited to:

• All training to date

• Bench marks achieved ie; Gold star % and/or % of sales that exceeded customers’ expectations

• An individualized letter of standing from both your store and regional manager featuring you contributions to the shop and our culture

• Contact information for additional reference should a future employer require more insight

• We believe that your achievements are your own and should be proprietary to you. Our intent with the “super letter of reference” is to provide you with a vehicle that will prove insightful to prospective employers, allowing you to leverage your accomplishments to future opportunities.

Spareparts believes that pride, enthusiasm, integrity and exceptional customer service are vital to success.

You are:

• Motivated and passionate with a desire to grow

• Driven and want to be a part of a high-performance team

• Hardworking with the humility to learn

• Charismatic and friendly with a great sense of humour

• Stylish with a strong fashion sense

• Considerate and genuinely care about people. You would take pride in making the world a better place by connecting with ‘one customer at a time’

• Interested in the intersection between sales and service

• Fashion-forward: you love our brands and look forward to dressing for success

You will:

• Be directly responsible for our customer’s shopping experience by delivering exceptional service personally

• Connect with our customer and build lasting customer relationships that will turn shoppers into raving fans!

• Have retail experience or applicable back story in relevant customer service applications

• Meet and exceed sales target goals

• Maintain our expected operational and merchandising standards

• Work together with your team and encourage your colleagues to succeed and grow

• Be aspirational to our customer in terms of fashion and pop culture

• Enjoy coming to work everyday and bring a positive energy to the shop

“We look good, work hard, and deliver an elevated shopping experience!”

We are looking for a sales professional who not only wants a challenging and fulfilling career, but an exciting place to grow. We believe in rewarding exceptional performance and invite you to contact us to discuss the opportunities that await you at Spareparts. The successful applicant will deliver our existing standards and just as importantly, contribute to the evolution of our brand.

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