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Ever wake up on a Monday morning in a panic that you’re going to be late and need to do your hair? Welcome to the club, this happens to all of us, especially on Mondays.

The quickest way to complete any hairdo whether it’s for school, a meeting with your boss, a casual work day or breakfast with friends, is to sport the latest messy bun! #messyhairdontcare

The easiest of all messy buns is called the Twist and Tie – In other words, tie and go!


Twist and Tie: Simply wrap your dry/damp hair and twist around your index finger at the crown of your head. Wrap a thin hair elastic around twice and ta-da – you have accomplished the twist and tie messy bun in less than 1 minute. Simple, yet sleek!

If you have a little more time on your hands, the second is the low bun.


Low Bun: Brush through your hair to soften the look. Have some loose strands available and wrap into a bun on the lower part of your head – you can also tie this bun to the side for a sweeter look.

The newest style is the messy pony – which takes rank for the nicest buns – no pun intended!


Messy Pony: Best put as the unfinished pony! Simply pull your hair back as if you would into a pony tail. On the third tie, simply tuck half the hair back under the elastic with the other half out. This pony has been sported on runways, gym classes, meetings… pretty much anywhere where time is limited!

How can you add your own style to the messy buns? Easy! Add a braid… or two!

Either way, the messy bun is the most stylish and quickest way to complete your hair troubles – any time or day!

Images via: flair.be.com, statichairsalon.com, lefashion.com, hairstylesweekly.com, tumblr.com

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