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Packing 101

Packing 101


What should I pack?!… We’ve all said it, we’ve all thought it and we’ve all be thrown into a full on closet meltdown over it in the past. And as we all know, summer can be a time of impromptu trips to the lake, quick long weekend getaways and all kinds of fun travel adventures, even when it’s coming to an end. That being said, we’ve collected some of our top packing tips to help you avoid the packing stress.


Play Matchmaker with Your Outfits

Before you start packing lay out the outfits you know you’re going to need, the items you want to bring, and a couple nice to haves. Mix and match as many combinations as you can with what you have selected and put everything that can’t be worn more than once to the side. The more combinations you can get out of each piece the more options you will have – jeans, for example, can be dressed up or down. They can work with flats, pumps, sequins or a ball cap. Just try to keep things simple, remember rule #1: The less time it takes you to get ready, the more time you’ll have on the beach!


No Wasted Space

Make use of the space inside the shoes that you’re packing. By stuffing things such as toiletries, socks, electronics, sunglasses etc. inside of them you are being twice as efficient. Always wear your bulkiest pair of shoes on the plane or as you travel to create extra space in your bag.


Be a Roller not a Folder

Roll as many of your soft items as you can (tee shirts, skirts, light jackets etc.) only fold the clothing if it is necessary. Rolling not only helps reduce the amount of wrinkles you will have when you unpack but it will also help you pack more into you your bag. Place rolled items on the bottom and folded on top.


Mini Essentials

Stop by Sephora or Shoppers Drug Mart before your getaway to stock up on all the mini essentials that you may need. Miniature wrinkle release sprays and stain removers are key if you’re getaway plans include formal wear. Other must haves include: sunscreen, hairspray, toothpaste, deodorant and shampoo/conditioner. Alternatively, invest in some nice miniature containers and make your own travel sized toiletries.


Quick Tips

  • Download a packing checklist or create one a few days in advance. Give yourself time to review and revise and then just follow along!
  • Pack a dryer sheet into your bag to keep your clothes smelling their freshest.
  • Pick a suitcase that’s unique to the others for easier identification
  • Pack all “spill-a-bles” into a plastic ziplock for added protection
  • Check the weather ahead of time, it’s always best to be prepared for whatever Mother Nature is going to throw your way.
  • Store some extra plastic bags in your luggage to transport used or soiled items post vacay.

Kate Spade

Bring on the long weekend!! Show us your getaway styles using @YorkdaleStyle – safe travels!

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