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Project Atigi | Canada Goose

Project Atigi | Canada Goose


For generations, the Inuit have lived in some of the most formidable landscapes on earth. Places like Apex and Tundra Valley, Nunavut, where temperatures regularly dip below minus 40 Celsius, and winter means almost 24 hours of darkness. The people of Canada’s north are the original parka makers.

To celebrate this rich tradition of craftsmanship, Canada Goose commissioned seamstresses from across the Inuit Nunangat to create 14 bespoke parkas, showcasing their skill, artistry and the communities they come from. This is #ProjectAtigi.

In Inuktitut, the traditional word for “parka” is “atigi”. And that’s what Project Atigi is: A collection of parkas handmade in Canada’s north. The result of Project Atigi is a collection of one-of-a-kind parkas. Each one is a unique expressions of the culture, heritage, and artistry of the woman who made it.

The Amauti Parka by Martha Munick

Amauti parkas are specifically designed for mothers, and so it follows that Martha Munick’s white amauti is detailed with inspiration from her mother throughout. She incorporated her heritage of beadwork as well as patterns that have been in her family for generations. The elaborate shapes and linework she has hand-sewn makes for a truly bespoke piece of art.

Discover the Amauti parka and many of the other bespoke creations inside Canada Goose until February 20, 2019.

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