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Q & A Dina Pugliese

Q & A Dina Pugliese


Get to know Yorkdale Styled, Dina Pugliese, from Breakfast Television!


1. Your IG profile says “She on TV who rises before the rooster”. What time do you wake up? And how do you manage to always look stunning?
Why rise with the rooster when you can run amuck with the raccoons? Lol. My alarm clock clonks me on the head like an anvil between 3:30-4am. And no, you don’t ever get used to it. It’s ungodly. Toughest part of the job by far. I shower and eat a big ol’ breakfast to get my brain going. Then I leave it to the pros at Yorkdale to make me look presentable and on amazing hair stylists (Medulla and Co salon) and makeup artists to trick you into thinking I’m not tired and resemble a human being.

2. What does your weekend wardrobe consist of? How do you and your “Handsome Serbian Prince” relax? Is “relax” even in your vocabulary?!
I’m queen couch potatoe when I get the chance. I love nothing more than a lazy weekend. Joggers and a tee or flannel pjs and a robe are my staples when I don’t need to be somewhere. Aleks and I love to make long meals. Listening to jazz or whatever we feel while cooking together.  Candles. Whole nine. Make it a relaxing experience in our home. I’m big on Epsom baths too when I can find the time. We both have big families that keep us busy but we make the most of any down time we can get.

3. Do you have a favourite look from Dina’s closet? Have you ever kept any of the pieces?
I adore everything Yorkdale pulls. I love wearing different styles based on mood. Many times I tailor the outfit to suit show guests booked that morning. Edgy for a rock band performance. Streamlined for the Premier. The best part is having different demographics dig different looks. I will notice it immediately on my Twitter and Instagram feeds. Funky vs more formal etc. I recently interviewed superstar Shania Twain and people really loved the Ted Baker print. Edgy and fun and classy all at once. Just like Shania ! Jumpers are always a hit. I wore a bright red Bebe one recently and people loved the solid bright pop of colour on Instagram. I never used to wear red. Embrace colour and try on something you wouldn’t. You might learn to find you love it.

4. Who is the most stylish Hollywood red carpet actor/actress?
I adore SJP’s style. She’s an eclectic  risk taker and super fun which is what fashion is all about. Be you and wear what you find most comfortable. I also love Pharrel Williams for that very reason. Cate Blanchett reigns supreme on the carpet. She can do no wrong and is constantly experimenting with different looks.

5. Do you have a personal Fav red carpet look?

I love the Grammy red carpet dress I wore this year. It got the thumbs up from Gwen Stefani and Mary J Blige. Black was the choice of the night and it was perfectly edgy and super light and comfortable for music’s biggest night. The asymmetrical earrings and edgy bangles were the icing on the cake!

6. How many requests do you get about Dina’s Closet sale?
I am so thrilled to say that I get asked about the closet charity sale all year long! We held the very first one last year and it was a huge hit. To have the opportunity to buy gently worn clothes and shoes and jewelry at greatly reduced prices and have it all go to women’s and children’s charities is a win win win! I’m so grateful for the work Yorkdale does all year long to make the sale such a massive success. And to inspire women every day with their changing colours and styles. I can’t tell you how many viewers tell me they tune in just to see what I’m wearing in the morning and how it helps them come up with ideas for their own outfit that day or for an upcoming event they may have. That’s the biggest compliment and speaks to what a brilliant job everyone at Yorkdale does every single day. Leaving the door with clothing that leaves you feeling confident, comfortable and smiling is half the battle to having a great day. Yorkdale is now an essential part of my breakfast. And I couldn’t be happier xo


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