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Q & A Sabrina Rinaldi

Q & A Sabrina Rinaldi


Meet Sabrina Rinaldi. She’s a Toronto-based hair and makeup artist who has worked with a long list of publications and brands in different cities, including Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Flare, Elle Canada, LouLou, Giorgio Armani, Clairol and Garnier. She’s a force to be reckoned with in the Canadian fashion and beauty industry and one to keep your eye on!

We were lucky enough to chat with her to get the scoop on upcoming beauty trends as well as some tips for a healthy daily make-up routine for the fall and winter.

Take a look at her Twitter and Instagram for a look into her glamourous life!


What’s a beauty trend that you think we’ll be seeing a lot this fall/winter season?

Definitely a statement lip. A dark, matte lip is huge for fall but I am sure we will be seeing everything from dark plums to bold reds during the fall/winter and holiday season.


What’s your take on contouring? 

I love contouring! However it needs to be done right and so many of the tutorials and versions we are seeing on YouTube and Instagram are over kill. A subtle approach to contouring is best.


What is your personal daily make-up routine?

My personal routine is to try and keep my skin as healthy as possible. This means regularly exfoliating and always wearing SPF when in the sun. I like lashes so I always curl my lashes and wear 2 coats of mascara. I balance this with a light weight foundation, a touch of blush and bronzer and a nice nude lip.

What is your routine for a night out?

For a night out i like to amp-up the glamour. I tend to play up my eyes with a dark smudgy cat eye that I blend into medium and dark brown eye shadows finishing with an extra coat of mascara. I also lightly contour with powder and use shimmery highlighters on key areas of my face. I always like a nude lip so I keep it minimal and fresh with a neutral colour and some lip balm.


Can you share three tips on how to keep that summer glow during dry and cold winter months?

Ideally getting a break from the cold with a warm holiday or two would do wonders for maintaining a glow and boosting overall wellbeing during those cold, dark months… But, if that is not an option a good self-tanner can be your friend. I have to say when it comes to self-tanner you pay for what you get. I would go with a high end formula. One for face and one for body. Always make sure to keep yourself exfoliated and moisturized before ever applying self-tanner. I also like gradual formulas as it makes it easier to apply without making mistakes. Using a bronzer can also help keep that glow however you may want one slightly paler than what you would use in summer.


Pssst. Share a secret with us. What’s a beauty tip that pros are keeping all to themselves?

Our skin tone changes year round so we can’t get away with using one foundation colour all year. I’m always telling women to buy a foundation in summer when they are at their most tan and then buy one in winter when most pale and mix the colours during the in between seasons.  As your summer tan fades start mixing in your pale colour and then as you get more sun (whether on holiday or once spring hits) start mixing in your darker shade. As makeup artists one of our tricks is we are always blending several colours to use on models. Rarely do I use just one colour on a face. I am always mixing custom blends for the people I work on and for myself.


What’s the best way to remove make-up? 

I find this depends on skin type. My oily skin cannot use the same make up remover as someone who is dry. Finding a makeup remover targeted for your skin type is best.


Rapid fire questions! Which do you prefer?

Tanned or pale? Tanned

Lipstick or bare lips?  Bare

Eye brows – thick or thin? Thick

Matte or glossy? Glossy

Lashes – fake or real? Real

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