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Q & A Sam & Cailli Beckerman

Q & A Sam & Cailli Beckerman


You may recognize Samantha and Caillianne Beckerman from Yorkdale’s 50th Anniversary Style Maker portrait series, photographed by Bryan Adams. You may also recognize them as the most stylish twins on the web. Sam and Cailli document their eclectic style and fashion adventures on their popular Beckerman Blog and Instagram.

They’ve been blogging for six years and as two of the most influential taste makers in Toronto, we’re excited that they took time to answer some of our questions.

Who influences your style and how?


Everything from pop culture to Minnie and Mickey Mouse to street graffiti to my fav designer, Jeremy Scott! I’m also influenced by my mom, Rana Beckerman, Rihanna and Gwen Stefani always look totally rock n’roll and fabbbulous! It’s always changing!


I’m obsessed with Japanese streetstyle, Art, Rihanna, dogs, DIY’s, and travelling.

What makes your style different from your sister’s?


Our style is very similar to each other! I think she’s sportier than me and rocks the track pants more often than I do. I’m obsessed with her outfit combos!


I can’t think of any differences! We love all the same designers and buy a lot of the same things but in different colours. A total twin thing! 

What are your fashion must-haves for each season?


Spring- H&M ripped jeans; Summer- White Versace Pop Medusa Sunnies; Fall- Moschino Looney Tunes Bag; Winter – Handmade knitted hat


Spring- Anything Moschino; Summer- Olympia le tan bag; Fall- A Coach pinned leather jacket; Winter- Chanel Girl bag 

What are the upcoming fashion trends you’re most excited about?


I’m all about kilts and camouflage right now! Chains, pearls and combat boots with dresses! Yasssss please!


Definitely Metallic high knee boots from Marques Almeida.

What drew you to blogging?


We were taking tons of photos every day and keeping scrapbooks of our outfits. Cailli and I were always going to vintage fairs and hunting down cool treasures! It was an evolution that made sense to put it online and share it because we have so much fun together! And we have been doing it for 6 years now! 

Do you have a memorable piece or pieces from Yorkdale?


My Chanel knee high boots from the Yorkdale store. I also love my Toronto Subway limited edition bag from Jimmy Choo. 

All images are from their Beckerman Blog or Instagram.

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