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Q & A Victor Demarchelier

Q & A Victor Demarchelier


What are your first impressions of Yorkdale?
It’s beautiful! I fell in love with shopping malls in college. Everyone needs a getaway space, where you can have lunch and spend the day. I’m not a big shopper but I love window browsing.

When did you first pick up a camera?
I got a lot of cameras as gifts when I was younger. They were usually Polaroids, which kids love because they’re like toys and I went through a lot of film. After college I got into photography more. I’ve always loved creative things and one thing just led to another. My parents never really forced me into anything and I quickly realized that you should do what you love, not necessarily just what you’re good at – I studied economics and mathematics at college.

How do you approach campaigns/shoots? Do you go in with a vision or do you go with the flow?
I do both. I listen to the needs of the people I work with and then I like to collaborate to create something unique. Preparation is key though so it’s important to set up in advance for a smooth shoot.

What’s next in photography? What do you think apps like Instagram are doing for photography?
I like Instagram because I love photography and it is making photography very popular. It gives people the chance to find inspiration wherever they are.

Where do you pull your own inspiration?
I find inspiration everywhere and in everything, from books, to the internet to museums. But it’s always people who inspire me.

What does style mean to you?
Style is individuality. It defines you. I think it takes time to build and you do it in bits and pieces but it’s really all about personality. Your style is what you’re surrounded by and it’s not about imitating but creating.

What are five things you never travel without?
My noise-cancelling Bose headphones; a hooded sweatshirt which helps me sleep on airplanes; comfortable shoes because I love to walk everywhere when I get some time off in new places; my laptop (I can’t work without it) and Nike sports socks. They’re all I wear, even with dress shoes.

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