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Q & A | Jillian Harris

Q & A | Jillian Harris


Jillian Harris – all Canadian Natural Beauty. She’s more than just the 2nd Runner up on the Bachelor, Host of Canada’s Handyman Challenge, Love it or List it and Love it or List it Too; she is a designer, publisher and a mother full of infectious energy. Jillian soared through her career and is now one of the top influencers in fashion, interior design and even food/fitness.

We are very lucky to have the chance to chat with her about her shopping experiences, especially through the Holidays.

Take a look at her Instagram and Twitter to learn more about her and keep up with the latest JH Trends.

What do you find most challenging about holiday shopping?
It’s finding a gift that’s meaningful – any John, Dick, or Harry can run to the Mall and pick up some scarves or toques (BTW that’s how you prove she’s Canadian – She said ‘Toques’). It’s really trying to find things that’s going to touch people’s hearts and that they’re going to remember; and that takes a lot of energy.

How much time in total do you spend finding the perfect gifts for everyone on your list?
It used to be more than it is now – like a solid two weeks. But I’m getting more efficient, especially now shopping with an infant. I just listen, then I go into my phone and note down what I hear or use an app like Wonderlist then start crossing them off my list. This year I’m already done!

What’s the most thoughtful gift you’ve ever received?
My engagement ring (aww!). I asked to get engaged on Christmas morning with my family and around the Christmas Tree. I ended up getting engaged in a hotel room in Vancouver because his grandmother was sick, then my parents couldn’t make it. So he knew he had to do it this year; he hid it in a macaroon box and kept asking for me to pass him one. Me saying no, and to watch his weight, I finally caved and opened up the box and well – there it is!

Who is the most challenging person on your gift giving list?
My assistant Shay – I think she treats herself, so when she finds something she likes she just gets it. Plus we have identical tastes so whenever I buy something I just get one for her too. So this year I have an idea but it might be a little out of control – like the best gift I get anyone, so not sure if I can do that. She thinks she’s the easiest but she’s far from it (Shay, if you’re reading this, you’re difficult to buy for!).

Would you rather give or receive?
Give! I actually don’t like receiving, it’s awkward. I actually love shopping, and making people happy, just let me buy you a gift and don’t even say thank you, just take it and run.

That’s it – just take it and run!

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