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Q&A | Mother's Day Edition

Q&A | Mother's Day Edition


In honour of Mother’s Day, we decided to ask 3 hardworking, entrepreneurial moms a few questions about what made them follow their dreams, how they did it and what they hope to teach their little ones. From handcrafted lipsticks, owning your own beauty company or creating the most beautiful floral arrangements, these moms are sure to leave you inspired!

P.S. you can meet these lovely ladies inside CONCEPT. Lena will be here until May 13th. Basmattee (LIPCANDY) and Shari (Shari Gold Lashes) will be here until May 31st.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

BASMATEE: Hi, my name is Basmatee and I just recently left my job in the media industry after 25 years. I am raising two boys, humoring one husband and am now I’m an entrepreneur. I never thought I’d call myself an entrepreneur. But I am now, so I should get used to it.

SHARI: Hi beautiful people. My name is Shari Gold and I am a mother to two smart & beautiful girls under the age of 6. They are truly my motivation and driving force and I love that my husband and I get to raise daughters together. Owning and operating a beauty studio for permanent makeup and lashes gives me so much joy. It all started 12 years ago with Cosmetic Tattooing and then 6 years ago I added lashes. The two create a perfect balance for me and I am so lucky to love what I get to do every day. I also teach both services and am a top leader and business development coach for Rodan + Fields, a premium global skincare brand. For anyone looking to join the beauty industry I would love to help you find your passion and place in this industry! Don’t hesitate to reach out and visit me inside CONCEPT.

LENA: My name is Lena and I have 2 kids.  I am the owner and lead designer for Lena’s Floral Designs.  I have been a Floral Designer for 20 years and started this business 2 years ago.

Before starting your own business, were you working somewhere else? What inspired you to face your fears, follow your heart and do what you love?

BASMATEE: I started LIPCANDY for a lot of reasons. The first was that I felt there was a need for a lipstick that looked great but was also made from better ingredients. Did you know that you consume about 30% of the lipstick you wear?! Think about it. Then think about that over a lifetime. Do you know what most lipsticks are made of? Errr yeah, you don’t wanna know.

Being born in Guyana, then arriving to Canada, I have grown to accept who I am, embrace my background, and be proud of my name, which leads me to my second reason: lipstick looks different on every skin tone so I set out to create a natural product that compliments everyone, AND makes their lips feel soft and look sexy for the person wearing it….and to whomever they’re kissing! These beauties are all handmade, with love, natural ingredients you can actually pronounce, and no preservatives like: parabens, petroleum-based oils, or artificial fragrances. LIPCANDY colours are rich, luxurious and look amazing on every skin tone.

SHARI: For the most part I have always owned my own business. I did spend some time prior working in a tattoo shop. I would admire the work done by the artists and the mechanics behind it all which inspired me to get into the cosmetic side. I also trained and worked as a body piercer. When I became pregnant with my first daughter, that’s when the drive to own my own business kicked in. I knew that I was better suited to be my own boss and I wanted to have the flexibility to also be a mom. Facing fears wasn’t hard for me. Sometimes I joke that I have no fears (we all have fears) but I just don’t let anything hold me back when I’ve made a decision to take something on. Who wouldn’t love being able to help women feel more confident on a daily basis or to help someone else get stared in their own beauty business.

LENA: Before starting my own business I worked at other floral shops as a designer but always had the passion of creating my own designs. My family actually encouraged me to try it and follow my heart with what I love to do.

So many women are looking to see how they can start their own business. What advice do you have for moms and women alike on how to get started?

BASMATEE: Find something you love and don’t over think it.

SHARI: I think today more than ever it’s important to have multiple income streams and to leverage all of our social interactions to build a legacy for our families. Find your passion and make it a side gig until it can become your main gig. If beauty is your passion you’re welcome to reach out to me. I would love nothing more than to answer questions and help you explore some different options!

LENA: Plan well, work hard and just take a chance.  It may or may not work out but if it’s something you really love, just work hard for it and you will get there.

Being entrepreneur is tough and keeps you very busy – How do you balance everything?

BASMATEE: It’s really hard to balance. I am working all the time. It’s important to carve out quality time with your family and friends…even if it’s only a few minutes in the day.

SHARI: Balance – That’s a tough one for me. Definitely something that I need to get better at. Sometimes for me it can be all work work work, because there are times in life when sacrifices are made to be able to reach bigger goals. I honestly don’t have the answer to this one as I’m still working through it myself. I am grateful to my supportive husband who truly holds it all together! What I can say is, Be Present! Shut the brain off when you are with your kids and enjoy every minute because they grow up so fast and you can’t get that time back! Work life balance is so important and us women CAN HAVE IT ALL!

LENA: It is tough to balance life and being an entrepreneur, so you do give up a lot but it helps when you have your family and friends support.

Running your own business is such an amazing accomplishment. What’s one lesson you hope to teach your kids about being an entrepreneur?   

BASMATEE: I want them to know that they can accomplish anything! That it doesn’t matter how “smart” you are or where you came from. Owning your own business is achievable for everyone.

SHARI: I would love for my kids to grow up with the example of a good work ethic and the knowledge that they can do absolutely anything. Even big things that seem scary and out of reach! They should dream big always and not let the opinions of others hold them back in any way. I would want my girls to know that business ownership is an amazing thing. It allows for flexibility and freedom and in my opinion, the way of the future. Jump in, set big goals and never quit! Work hard and luck will follow.

LENA: I hope they see how hard work can pay off and to do whatever makes them happiest.

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