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Q&A with Patrick Davis, Roots Canada Lead Stylist

Q&A with Patrick Davis, Roots Canada Lead Stylist


Although Patrick Davis is rarely in the limelight, his work as Lead Stylist for Roots Canada puts him at the forefront of Canadian fashion. Patrick Davis has been working behind the scenes on Roots Canada for nearly 20 years and continues to evolve and bring innovation to the iconic Canadian brand.

To celebrate this great Canadian talent and the opening of the new Roots Cabin flagship here at Yorkdale, we’ve asked Patrick a few questions about his thoughts on Canadian fashion.

What is it like being a part of one of Canada’s most iconic brands?

I have worked for Roots for over a decade, and year over year it never ceases to amaze me the
overwhelmingly sense of love and nostalgia Canadians have for our brand. It gives me an
incredible sense of pride to be able to work for such an icon.

Apart from the obvious, what makes Roots so Canadian?

We are a very family oriented brand. Our colleagues and clients are our extended family, and we work hard to uphold Canadian ideals. Our company culture is all about being true to our
Canadian values of quiet strength, inclusion and diversity. We as a country are perceived as “nice” and as a company we feel obligated to do the same.

What does being Canadian mean to you? How is that represented in your work?

Being Canadian means being proud of our diversity and our differences. Daily I work with the models and ambassadors that represent the Roots Canada brand both home and abroad, and I feel strongly that our talent should always reflect our nation's diversity.

What do you do to make sure that Roots is always evolving as a brand?

Our products are classics, they withstand the test of time and do not chase trends. I do, however enjoying styling our products in new ways to always ensure that our offering looks and feels current.

What is your favourite Roots campaign that you’ve worked on?

Tough call! I always love working with our roster of emerging Canadian musicians, but I also
loved the campaign we did in Taiwan. Most Canadians don’t know that we have over 130 stores in Asia, and last years’ Spring campaign, shot entirely in Taiwan, was definitely a highlight of a lifetime!

If you had to wear one Roots item for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Roots sweats, of course! They can be dressed up or down, and are really the most comfortable
clothes in the world.

How would you define your own style?

1980’s dad meets street style. Danny Tanner on a vacation to Disney, meets Kendrick Lamar.

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