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Swift Moves: The Tech behind Lululemon's Swift Product Line

Swift Moves: The Tech behind Lululemon's Swift Product Line


The Men’s Metal Vent Tech SS and the Women’s Swiftly SS have been a go-to staple for a long time. But what’s actually happening while you sweat in the fabric? Silverescent® is the secret behind these styles and when we asked our designers and fabric innovators about it – here’s what we learned!


Where Stink Comes From
The first step in understanding how anti-stink technology works is actually understanding how sweat smell is created in the first place. Truth bomb: sweat is virtually odourless. Naturally occurring bacteria in specific areas on your body consume the sweat, and their metabolic by-products are what creates odour. As the bacteria eats, reproduces and goes about their day (they’re busy too), they create a lovely odour we all know and love as BO!

How Silverescent® Works:
Silver is one of the oldest anti-microbial technologies out there. For example, in the 1800’s, American settlers put silver money in rain barrels to purify water. To make X-STATIC®, 99.9% pure silver is permanently bonded onto the surface of flexible polymers to create the yarn, making it permanent – meaning it won’t release metallic silver and the silver won’t wash off, leech or diminish over time.


The Bill Nye (science guy) version :
The sweat combined with air causes the silver in X- STATIC® to oxidize. This process releases a positively charged ion from the X-STATIC® fiber. The hotter and wetter the environment, the better it works – i.e.: the best conditions for bacteria to grow are also the best conditions for the Silver to do it’s job.

The positively charged silver ions are attracted to the negatively charged bacteria. The positively charged ions enter the cell membrane, attacking the bacteria’s DNA. Ultimately, the silver ions drastically inhibit the bacteria preventing mutation and reproduction *Products powered by X-STATIC® have a virtually unlimited reservoir of silver an provide a quick, comprehensive and continuous release of antimicrobial silver ions that last the life of the product.


So basically – whether you’re travelling to Thailand, doing your second workout of the day or trying to get your kids to camp on time….this fabric will perform for you no matter what!

For all you visual learners out there! You can watch a video using the link below.

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