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The Art of the Burberry Trench

The Art of the Burberry Trench


The story of the iconic Burberry trench coat dates back 100 years. Their story begins with the weather proof fabric, gabardine. Gabardine was worn by the first explorers to the poles and by pioneering aviators across the globe.

Thoughtfully designed and developed for the military, each detail of the trench coat evolved to serve a purpose, elevating it above other outerwear garments of the time. The storm shield on the upper back ensured rain ran cleanly off the body.

Over 100 individual processes must be completed to make a trench coat; including hand-stitching of the collar, entirely unique to Burberry. Taking up to a year to learn the technique, the artisan must place more than 180 tiny stitches along the collar to create a curve that sits perfectly around the neck.Over 100 individual processes must be completed to make a trench coat. The most intricate of these is the hand-stitching of the collar, which is unique to Burberry.


The belt is its signature and completes the distinctive silhouette, sealing the trench coat from the elements. The stitching on the belt ensures it remains structured.


Each and every coat is lined with the Burberry check in the iconic Burberry colours; camel, ivory, red and black. Intricately engineered and cut, the lining is placed to ensure the check is symmetrical. Each line of the design remains unbroken. Burberry is committed to expert finishing, both outside and within.

Burberry is continuing to reinvent the trench using new fabrics and features including textured trim, bold colours and graphic prints. Making it a classic, must-have piece for men, women and children alike.




Source: burberry.com

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