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The Perfect Summer Fragrances

The Perfect Summer Fragrances


Following the worldwide success of Orange Sanguine and Clementine California, Atelier Cologne celebrates a new citrus as the star ingredient of its latest Cologne Absolue. Fresh and sparkling, the lime is a small green lemon from Mexico, often used as head notes to brighten the perfume start, making this the perfect summer fragrance!


Committed to using raw materials from flora in their natural state, Sylvie Ganter and Christophe Cervasel, creators and founders, chose lime from Mexico for its sweet and fresh facets. For the first time, in partnership with Robertet, they extracted natural oil from coconut to reveal the green and tangy facets of lime. Thus Pacific Lime reaches 91% of natural origin ingredients of the highest quality.

Signature notes of a Cologne, lemon from Italy supports the fresh and citric facets of lime while orange from Sicily unveils its sweet and soft notes. Spearmint from America fizzes and let the eucalyptus from China develops its aromatic and heady scent. The coconut from Philippines enriches Pacific lime with a milky and solar facet held by woody and amber notes.


Real smell-trotters, Sylvie Ganter and Christophe Cervasel go all around the world discovering new ingredients and cultures.During their last trip in Mexico, they recognized their values of sharing joy and excitement with friends into the Mexican culture. With their latest creation, our founders decided to pay tribute to the tropical heat, the vibrant colours and the exotic perfume of the Pacific Coast.

Pacific Lime tells the story of an unexpected celebration on a dream beach. He spent months to prepare the party and gather her beloved ones secretly. When the doors open, she immediately recognizes the beach of her childhood. All her friends and family are there, waiting for her to share this moment with joy and happiness, the party is ready to begin!

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