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TIFF | How-to channel your inner Paparazzi

TIFF | How-to channel your inner Paparazzi


Calling all fangirls & photographers!

In a few days, Toronto will become Hollywood of the North, as movies are premiered and some of the most glamorous grace the streets of Toronto – how could you not love this time of year?! And since TIFF only happens once a year, we recommend channeling your inner paparazzi and heading downtown! Here are our 5 tips for this adventurous mission:

Step 1 – The Outfit

The look you’re going for is totally up to you! Athletic or trendy, do what’s most comfortable as you’ll be trying to squeeze your way to the front to capture the perfect celeb shots.

Step 2 – The Crossbody

The crossbody is your new best friend while paparazzi-ing – You’ll need to be ready to make a dash to get that perfect snap. The crossbody will be perfect for carrying all of the essentials for the day (ie. camera, makeup, water)!

Step 3 – The Must-Have Touchups

You may have to rush around the city to get the perfect pic. And with these temps, you may find yourself hot and sweaty and in desperate need of a make-up touch up. We suggest carrying blush, concealer and that lipstick you put on this morning. After all, you never know if you’ll be running into Mr. Gyllenhal!



Step 4 – The Bottles

The red carpet events take place at different times throughout the day and if you plan on sticking around, it’s important to stay hydrated! These bottles are more than just cute, they will even keep your water cool for a few hours! (Warm water on a hot day…not fun!)

Step 5 – Camera

Don’t have a camera? Don’t fret. Our Indigo location has just the thing for you, the Fujiinstax mini 8 – capturing red carpet style will turn out even more glamourous with these vintage Polaroid’s.



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