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    Yorkdale Shopping Centre offers ample parking across multiple lots. With over 7000+ spots, parking lots are open 30 minutes before open and 30 minutes after close. These spots provide convenient access to the mall’s diverse offerings. The North Service lots are open until 2am. Parking is available free of charge for visitors. For your convenience, the closest entrances to the shopping centre are strategically located near each parking lot. To locate specific parking lots and entrances, refer to the Yorkdale Shopping Centre parking map.

    Please see below for the closest shopping centre entrance to each parking lot:

    A1 – Entrance 1 (by Hudson’s Bay and the Cheesecake Factory)

    A2 – Entrance 2 (by Earls)

    A3 – Entrance 3 (by Cineplex)

    H1 – Entrance 4 (by Joeys)

    H2 – Entrance 5 (by Sporting Life and Aburi Tora)

    J1 – Entrance 6 (by Restoration Hardware and Cafe Landwer)

    J2 – Entrance 7 (by Restoration Hardware )

    J3 – Entrance 8 (by Shopper’s Drug Mart and Hudson’s Bay)


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Valet Parking

    Curbside valet parking is available at our South Valet beside Holt Renfrew for $20.

    Questions? Contact: info@gatsbyvalet.com

    View map here. 

    TTC Commuter Parking

    Yorkdale offers TTC commuter parking on Monday – Friday from 5:30am to 9:30am, in the East “E” parkade on levels P3, P4, and P5 for a fee of $7.


    Connected to Toronto’s network of cycling routes, Yorkdale is designed to be easily accessible for cyclists and offers 100+ bike racks.

    A designated bike room that can be accessed via intercom is located beside the East Parkade P1 South Entrance.

    View map here. 

    Electric Vehicle Charging (EVC)

    Electric-vehicle charging stations are available for shopping guests.

    Visitors can tap to pay with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Chargepoint+, or Discover.

    Accessibility Parking

    Accessible parking spaces are available near the shopping centre entrances at all parking lots.

    Expectant Mothers Parking

    Yorkdale has designated courtesy parking spaces for expectant mothers and visitors with small children near each entrance.