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    5 Ways To Live More Sustainably

    A commitment to supporting sustainable practices—including eco-friendly materials and packaging choices—is paramount for the world’s top fashion and beauty brands.  Here are five ways to follow their lead and champion sustainability with your style choices.

    ① Support Sustainable Brands

    Before you buy, research into the labels you love and see where they stand on sustainable practices. A brand that’s truly invested in sustainability has core values that are important to them including being mindful and monitoring its environmental impact, and committing to use sustainable materials whenever possible.


    Sustainable Fashion

    Practice Thoughtful Shopping

    A new fashion season means adding some fresh new pieces to your wardrobe, but before you shop, take stock of what’s already in your wardrobe, curate your clothing and think about how you can complement existing pieces. You don’t have to buy brand new everything, but instead invest in a few chic, high-quality pieces and accessories to work with. This philosophy lies at the heart of practicing sustainable style.


    Sustainable Denim | Organic Cotton Shirts | Vegan Leather Shoes 


    Give Clothing A Second Life

    Once you have curated your clothing, what do you do with the things you no longer want? Donating them to a charity shop or a participating retailer is a wonderful way to give back to your community. We also love the idea of giving them to a friend who would reinvent them in their own stylish way. Consider having a seasonal clothing swap between you and a few friends. This is a savvy, sustainable and very cost effective way to add some amazing new-to you pieces to your wardrobe.


    Recycled Clothing

    Clean Your Beauty Routine

    Going green with your beauty choices is about taking a 360-degree approach by looking at product ingredients and packaging. Ingredient wise, we’re talking about products mindful of the environment, our health and wellness. When it comes to packaging, less is more. Shop for brands with biodegradable containers, package recycling programs and refill options. Sephora’s Clean + Planet Positive program makes shopping easy as they have curated the best green product to find in store.


    Clean Beauty

    Commit To An Eco-Centric Mindshift

    Little things make a difference, especially when we are talking about helping Mother Earth. Supporting sustainability means doing something every day to make an impact.

    Yorkdale is committed to sustainability. As one of Canada’s first shopping centres to ban plastic straws and implement a recycling program, Yorkdale has continually increased its targets for reducing waste year after year since 1994. The shopping centre is equipped with 10 compactors, and all cardboard, paper, bottles, cans and plastics are recycled on-site. As well, all retailers are encouraged to participate in the recycling program to ensure Yorkdale not only meets each new target but exceeds it. Additionally, Yorkdale proudly hosts 2 rooftop beehives which produce over 800 oz of honey and used by one of our Yorkdale restaurants.


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