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    Did you know that a big part of Lunar New Year traditions is finding ways to bring good fortune for the rest of the year? This includes surrounding yourself with lucky charms and shopping for a new look. To share just how important the Spring Festival means to them, we asked 8 inspiring Canadians on what they’re looking forward to this Lunar New Year and the lucky gifts they’re buying for themselves to celebrate the Year of the Tiger.

    Cher Bai


    “I’m most looking forward to enjoying a big feast with my family. And for good luck, I’ll most likely be wearing red and gold throughout my look and/or makeup to call in all the lucky spirits.”- @chermycloset

    What’s on Cher’s shopping list:
    1. “The new year always calls for something fun and shiny, so I’m thinking of wearing this sparkly dress from Prada to my family festivities.”
    2. “I love a good pair of party heels to finish my look–any excuse to wear fun heels in the winter.”
    3. “A red lip never fails to brighten up the face and up the confidence level. I’m hoping this Armani Beauty LNY lip set will help lead me to good fortune.”

    Justin Wu


    “I’m excited that it’s finally the Year of the Tiger — my zodiac sign! A few traditions I always do is to clean before the spring festival, have dinner with my family on New Year’s Eve and exchange red envelopes. I like that the act of cleaning symbolizes bad luck being swept away and I can start the year anew. During Lunar New Year I like to cook a few dishes that are deemed lucky within Chinese culture. This includes fish for prosperity, wrapping my own dumplings to bring in wealth, and longevity noodles for great health and long life.” – @justinwu

    What’s on Justin’s shopping list:
    1. “I’m always busy running around for work, so I would love a tumbler to enjoy my favourite tea on the go.”

    Oh Emma


    “When it comes to Lunar New Year traditions, I’m most looking forward to the red pockets. When I was a kid, I would collect them all and secretly count the bills with my cousins. The adults would tell us it’s impolite to open them right away, but we do it anyway. Now my daughter opens hers with a big smile on her face and we count them together.” – @oops_ohsemma

    What’s on Emma’s shopping list:
    1. “I always love to start the Lunar New Year in new sleepwear because nothing beats the feeling of sleeping in new pyjamas. It’s also a lovely sentiment to wake up in a new look, too.”
    2. “A red (or pink) fashion item is a must for the new year. There is a Chinese saying that goes “a red bag/wallet makes you spend more than you should,” but a red one can also attract luck and help bring in more money, too. This year, I’ve got my eyes on this Saint Laurent pink quilted puffer pouch.”
    3. “A new coffee machine has been on the top of my list because I’m hoping to try different kinds of coffee beans in 2022.”


    Alyssa Lau


    “I’m most looking forward to seeing my family although it’ll likely be digitally again just to keep everyone safe. Also, eating tteok mandu-guk, which is a Korean dish typically eaten on New Years that consists of rice cakes and homemade dumplings (mandus)! It’s a lot of work so it’s a good thing we only eat it for New Years celebrations.” – @imalyssalau

    What’s on Alyssa’s shopping list:
    1. “I tend to be a practical gift-giver, even when treating myself, so this year I’m looking forward to surrounding myself with a new tea kettle to help keep myself toasty during this deep freeze.”
    2. “I’m looking for a new pair of house slippers, so my husband no longer has to warm up my frozen feet.”
    3. “Speaking of deep freeze, I need a pair of cozy mittens because I always manage to lose all of mine throughout winter!”

    Isabelle Cheng


    “Spending time with my family and celebrating all the traditions is always my favourite thing, especially after the past few years. It’s nice to have something to look forward to and it’s always a happy time. My favourite family tradition is making dumplings together. We all have our role in the “dumpling assembly line” and it’s always extra special because we did it together.” – @allons.y

    What's on Isabelle’s shopping list:
    1. “I’ve always loved the concept of a fresh start and new hopes because it reminds me that I don’t need to be defined or held by the past, so new clothing is the tradition I resonate with the most. I’m looking to get this dress from Reformation. It comes in red, which is most auspicious for LNY.”
    2. “For prosperity and fortune, I’m looking to get this ruby-studded gold necklace from Tiffany & Co. Not only are red and gold considered the most lucky colours for LNY, but rubies also happen to be my birthstone, so I feel like that makes this especially lucky.”

    Didier Young


    “Lunar New Year has always been a very important celebration for me because my whole family gathers to celebrate over a delicious meal my grandma spent the whole day working on. It is thanks to Lunar New Year that I got to learn to cook some of my family’s dishes just by watching my grandma working on the feast. As such, I think that my favourite thing about the Lunar New year would be the sense of family and community you feel during that time of the year. I also like the red envelopes, too.” – @didieryhc

    What’s on Didier’s shopping list:
    1. “I always love a good excuse to shop. Some of the lucky foods to eat during the Lunar New Year are Chinese dumplings (wealth) and longevity noodles (happiness and longevity) and I really like the idea of buying something that represents those. The Bottega Veneta Mini Pouch always reminds me of a dumpling, while the Bottega Veneta Double Knot bag looks like noodles, so they are big contenders on my list of things to buy.”
    2. “I can’t build an outfit without shoes and there’s a brand new Alexander McQueen store that opened at Yorkdale, so I’ll make sure to stop for a pair of their Tread Slick Lace Up sneakers.”

    Chloe Zhang


    “Something I look forward to every Lunar New Year is the gathering of the family together and eating a table full of delicious food. Growing up as a kid, one of my favourite traditions is receiving red envelopes (lai see). It symbolizes good luck, good life and happiness to those who receive it.” – @chloezhaang

    What's on Chloe’s shopping list:
    1. “You can never go wrong with sweets (a box of Lindt chocolates or sweets from Ladurée, perhaps?) because they are the perfect kind of gifts to bring to any family function.”
    2. “The Supersonic is one of my favourite Dyson products. I recommend it to anyone because I cannot live without it–my hair just doesn’t feel the same. Plus, every year they release a Lunar New Year edition in a stunning red colour, which will obviously help bring you good luck in the new year.”
    3. “Whether you are buying the Estée Lauder “Little Brown Bottle” for yourself or gifting it to someone, you can’t go wrong with this skincare product. Also every Lunar New Year, they launch a beautifully-designed limited-edition red bottle.”

    Qing Zeng


    “I am most looking forward to the food during Lunar New Year. My mom and I always make dumplings from scratch ahead of the new year. It’s a fun activity to do with family–not to mention, we get lots of delicious dumplings from it.” – @qingaling 

    What’s on Qing’s shopping list:
    1. “I am picking a cozy red sweater and fuzzy socks from Aerie to wear on Lunar New Year. Not only is red a symbol of good luck, these pieces will also keep me warm and cozy during the holidays.”

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